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This information covers the most frequently asked questions that may come up during the season and is included here to help educate our members, and prospective members, to club policies. If you have any questions regarding our programs not covered here please feel free to email us at DEQ@ dulwich-shanghai.cn and we will happily get you the information you are looking for.

TEAMS: Competitive teams will be formed through a tryout/trial process for U7-U19 age groups. In many age groups we will from multiple teams consisting of both competitive and developmental levels. We currently have four girls only teams and will continue to form girls only teams.

LEAGUES: Our teams play in various competitive leagues and will vary based on the city. Currently in Shanghai we play in both the Shanghai International Youth Football Official League (SIYFOL) and Shanghai Premier League (SPL).

COMMITMENT: Offers from our head coaches to join a team are for a full season and it is expected that when an offer is accepted that the player/family will commit to the team for the duration of the season. Our team seasons basically mirror the school year. Training sessions will begin in early September and run into the beginning of June. We understand that players have other commitments to school sports, music, drama, etc. and fully support those endeavours. We believe that a player's priority should be to their school programme. However, it is very important that players keep their coach abreast of when they will not be attending training and especially if they will not be available for a match. We are a competitive academy so if a player's skills fall behind other teammates due to excessive absences from training playing time can, and most likely will, be affected. 

PROGRAMME FEES: Each player is responsible for paying a programme fee to the club which covers their participation for the whole season. All of the money collected through this fee goes directly towards providing the various programmes and services the club offers and covers items such as coaching costs, insurance, league registration and referees, equipment such as balls, nets, bibs, and cones, etc. Uniform kits, camps, and external tournament fees are not included in your annual programme fee. Our goal each season is to keep these fees at the lowest possible rate while still providing a best in class experience for our players and members. We will evaluate all fees each season. 

The preferred payment method is via bank transfer. 
Click Here for Bank Transfer payment information. Paying with RMB is also an option. For Dulwich students you may make RMB payments directly to our Finance Office located in the Junior School building. For non-Dulwich students please contact us at DEQ@dulwich-shanghai.cn to arrange payment. 

TRAINING SESSIONS: During the course of the season we will offer each team 3 hours of training sessions per week. If a training session is missed do to extreme weather, scheduling conflicts and/or high pollution levels we will do everything we can to make up the session at a later time. Make up sessions are not guaranteed however.

NURSING COVERAGE: During most training sessions, matches and club events nursing coverage will not be provided on-site. First aid kits will be available at most field locations and coaches are first aid certified. 

PAYMENT POLICIES: It is expected that all members will pay their programme fee in a timely manner. A cutoff date will be set each season by which time payment must be made. Any players with an outstanding balance at that time may be temporarily suspended from the club until such time as their payment is made. The full season payment is expected, however, if this would be a financial hardship please contact us regarding making instalment payments. For any players joining during the season a pro-rated season fee will be charged based on when the player joins.

UNIFORMS: Each player is requred to purchase a Dulwich Earthquakes uniform kit. The standard kit includes home and away jerseys, shorts, and socks. The price of the uniform kit items will be set each season. We will evaluate the uniform kits each year and will refresh the kit periodically. While we will do our best to use the same kit for multiple seasons we cannot guarantee how many seasons use you will have for your kit based on where in the cycle we are. Uniform payments must be made in RMB and will be a separate transaction from your programme fee.

CODE OF CONDUCT: All players and parents need to read, and agree to, our club's code of conduct. This policy is designed to help ensure a positive experience for all of the players in the club, other parents, officials and opposing teams. If any player or parent is found to consistently be in violation of the code of conduct actions including suspension and/or termination may be taken. 

REPATRIATION POLICY: If, during the course of the season, you repatriate back to your home country or are relocated outside of Shanghai we will provide a pro-rated refund of your season programme fee. This amount will be equal to 50% refunded for any departure prior to 31st December, 25% between 31st December and 31st March and 0% after 1st April.​

INJURY POLICY: While we certainly hope each and every player makes it through a season injury-free, the reality is that minor and serious injuries can, and do, occur in sports throughout the course of a season. For minor injuries resulting in fewer than 30 days of missed training/games, players will not receive any pro-rated refund of their programme fee. For moderate to severe injuries resulting in 30-60+ days of missed training/games, players will receive a pro-rated refund amount equal to the time they miss. Please note that a doctor's note is required when requesting any refund amount request resulting from injury stating the player is not permitted to participate in trainings/games.

PLAYING TIME/PLAYER POSITIONS/FORMATIONS/STRATEGY/ETC: All on-field decisions made during games are up to the discretion of the head coach. If you have questions/comments/concerns regarding your son or daughter's playing time, position, etc. we encourage you to request a meeting with the Director of Coaching to discuss. There are many factors that go into determining the above. Has your player consistently been attending training sessions? What was their work ethic and/or attitude at training? Are their skillsets up to par with their teammates? What is the matchup on the field? Are they working on their own away from team trainings?

As parents, you may not always agree with some of the coach's on-field decisions and that is to be expected. Your priority as a parent is your son/daughter. The coach's priority is the entire team of 10,12, 15, 18 players depending on age group. If approached, the club's first question will always be, "Have you discussed this concern with your coach"? In the vast majority of cases most issues that arise during the course of the season are alleviated by speaking with your coach. Please be sure to observe the "24 Hour Rule" which is to wait at least 24 hours after any game to speak with your coach regarding any issues. Both parents and coaches can be emotionally charged directly after a match and it is in everyone's best interest to have a cool down period so that the conversation can be more beneficial for all parties.

Playing time and position are typically the two largest issues that parents struggle with. While our primary objective is the long-term development of each player, we are a competitive academy and every player must earn their position and playing time. All of the academy coaches will provide fair playing time, but that does not mean equal playing time. The players at the top of the roster will inevitably play more than the players at the bottom of the roster. If your son/daughter is not playing as much as you think they should it is not a punishment for them, but rather a reward for the players that are working hard and excelling on the field to earn that extra time. If you have questions about what your child can do to earn more time please feel free to discuss that with the coach or Director of Coaching. Or better yet have your child discuss it with their coach. They will happily explain to you what your child needs to work on. Remember that their decisions during games are what they believe to be in the best interest of the entire team as a whole.

If handled appropriately this is one of the best lessons that can be learned from participating in competitive sports. As in life, each player must be dedicated to working hard and improving themselves on a daily/weekly/monthly basis to be successful. If they are struggling with their fitness level are they running on their own outside of team trainings? If their first touch is poor are they outside kicking a ball against a wall on their own to improve it? If they want to play striker are they spending time improving their finishing skills? Or, are they spending their free time playing X-Box or watching TV? The list goes on and on. While there are some naturally gifted athletes that do not have to work very hard to excel, the vast majority of players have to put in a lot of hours, both at training and on their own, to build their abilities. Oftentimes it is just easier to blame the coach and say that he/she just doesn't recognize your child's abilities/talent than it is to push your child out of their comfort zone. Please resist this temptation. The reward for doing so will be huge for both you and your child in the long-term.



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