"Teaching Life Lessons Through The Beautiful Game"

Dulwich College Shanghai

about the earthquakes regional development school programme

The San Jose Earthquakes are proud to offer premier player development through the Regional Development schools hosted by our affiliates.  These centers of training excellence are designed to teach players throughout Northern California, and beyond, the San Jose Earthquakes way.  Curriculum across all Regional development schools provides a consistent and clear training regimen designed to prepare soccer players for the highest levels of play.  The Regional Development schools also serve as a player identification environment which promotes players to the full San Jose Earthquakes youth academy.  These are the players training to be future professionals with the San Jose Earthquakes first team. There are a total of eight RDS partners with the other seven all residing within Northern California. 

​​The Quakes organization selected Dulwich College international schools as a partner because of our commitment to the development of players both on and off the field. Building skills on the field is important, but of equal importance is our focus on player success in the classroom and contributions to their community.




our club ethos

Guiding beliefs and ideals:

  • Safety first
  • Building player "character" is our number one goal
  • It takes time and patience to truly develop top talent
  • All players are important to our club
  • We will be positive role models
  • Clear, accurate and timely communication with players and parents is our duty

Mission / philosophy

Dulwich EarthQuakes's mission is to provide a quality sporting experience both on and off the pitch. We maintain programs for boys and girls of varying playing ability from ages 3-18. This is accomplished through our two programs, Dulwich Football Club and Dulwich Earthquakes.

It is the goal of our administrators, educators, coaches, and volunteers to:

  • Unlock and maximise athletic potential in every player
  • Emphasise the importance of scholar-athleticism and experiencing "life lessons" that have value beyond the playing field
  • Develop character with a focus toward global citizenship and charity
  • Open as many doors as possible for players, while giving them the tools to choose which ones to pass through

programme components

The Dulwich Earthquakes program features the following components: 

  • Open to all students ages 6-18, boys and girls, from any school. Students do not need to attend Dulwich to participate
  • Students should continue to represent their school teams and prioritise accordingly
  • Required to attend tryout session/trial for team placement
  • Three training sessions per week (two field sessions and one futsal session)
  • Some age groups will have multiple teams in various divisions based on numbers and level of play
  • Professional coaching
  • San Jose Earthquakes Youth Academy curriculum 
  • University ID Camps (coming soon)
  • University Showcase tournament play (coming soon)
  • Discounted access to EarthQuakes camps hosted by Dulwich