"Teaching Life Lessons Through The Beautiful Game"


Important Information:

-Training will begin April 10th (Girls) and April 12th (Regular)

-Last training will be June 5th (Girls) and June 7th (Regular)

-There will be no training 1st May 

-There will be a total of 8 sessions - Girls, 16 Session - Regular.

-The cost is: 800 RMB (Girls), 1600 RMB (Regular). 

-The program would again be open to Year 1 & 2 and reception students (upon approval). 

-Parent or responsible adult must remain at the premises for the duration of the training

-Students must sign up for the entire program - not one day each week.

-Payment must be received either in Cash or at Finance 

​-Training will be planned for outdoor - please ensure your child is dressed warmly
-Stay updated on location of trainings by joining the WeChat group

-Bring indoor and outdoor shoes in case of last minute location training changes 

**During high pollution or extreme weather, while every attempt will be made to move training indoors or make up the session, we can not make any guarantees on availability. 

The “Tremors” is our grass roots soccer training programme for children ages 5 - 6. The curriculum looks to enhance basic motor skills, rudimentary technical soccer skills and the young players' love of the beautiful game. The Tremors train on Monday’s and Thursday’s throughout the season. For more information on how you can register please contact: DEQ@dulwich-shanghai.cn or click here to register.

Update - Term 3
Tremors has been going strong in Term 2 and will continue in Term 3. We will also be adding a “Girls Only” Tremors session. (** Girls may still attend the regular tremors if preferred or some combination of Girls & Regular)

  • Regular Tremors will be twice weekly - Mondays (Golden Bridge) & Thursdays (School field) from 3:45-4:45  
  • Girls Only Tremors - one per week - Tuesday (School field) from 3:45-4:45Type your paragraph here.


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