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Shanghai Pudong - tryout faq's

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the tryout process.  If you have any additional questions not covered here please feel free to contact us at DEQ@dulwich-shanghai.cn and someone will reply at our earliest opportunity.​

Q. Does my child need to attend Dulwich College to participate in the EarthQuakes competitive soccer programme?
A. No, the EarthQuakes programme is open to all players regardless of where they attend school.

Q. Does my child need to attend tryouts to be considered for an EarthQuakes team?
A. It is preferable to attend both scheduled tryout session but all players must attend a minimum of one tryout session to be considered for a team. This applies to new and returning players. Team rosters are formed at the beginning of each season and being on a current EarthQuakes team does not automatically guarantee a roster spot in the new season.

Q. Should I pre-register for tryouts?
A. Yes, pre-registration for tryouts is encouraged. It will help make the check-in process go much smoother for everyone. You can register by Clicking Here.

Q. What should my child wear/bring to tryouts?
A. Players should wear comfortable athletic clothing, boots (cleats), and shin pads. Water coolers will be available, but players should bring a water bottle to fill and drink from. It is preferable that existing players do not wear their EarthQuakes training or game jerseys to tryouts.

Q. What age groups are offered for EarthQuakes teams?
A. The EarthQuakes competitive programmes for ages 6-18.

​Q. Are both boys and girls teams offered?
A. It will all depend on the number of players at each age group. Some teams may be made up exclusively of one or the other while others may be co-ed with players grouped together based on ability level. 

Q. How do I know what age group my child should tryout for?
A. To determine your child's appropriate age group please see the matrix located on the Tryouts page. Please note that for league play girls may play down one year below their regular eligibility.

Q. How many teams will be offered at each age group?
A. The answer to this question has many variables including number, and ages, of players that tryout, ability levels, and coaching availability. The goal is to have two teams for each age group including one D1 competitive team and a developmental team.

Q. How are teams formed?
A. Through the tryout process, players will be evaluated by the Dulwich EarthQuakes coaching staff in a number of areas (see evaluation criteria below). Select players will be given offers to join an age group pool. For age groups with enough players for more than one team, the rosters may remain fluid throughout the season allowing players to move from one team to another (up and down). This type of movement allows the flexibility necessary for the head coach to ensure players are playing at their appropriate level. It also allows those players who may not be good enough for a D1 team at the beginning of the year to earn a spot through hard work and improvement. It also allows those that may be struggling with the level of play at the D1 level to move down.

Q. How are players evaluated during tryouts?
A. Evaluation criteria will follow the T.I.P.S. model. 
Technique - Defined as a manner and skill with which the athlete employees their "tools" and "materials" to achieve a predetermined result. It is much more than the measure of one's skill set.
Insight - Defined as the quick and clear understanding of a complex situation. How quick does the player read the game and make the correct decisions?
​Personality - Describes the character of emotion, thought, and behaviour patterns unique to a person. How does the player cope in difficult situations? Are they reckless or stable? Are they mentally able to play at a higher level? Is soccer a passion or past time?
Speed - Measured in terms of physical and mental speed. It is the most important quality of the TIPS model. Players must possess both physical speed (running speed) as well as mental speed (speed of thought process). Possessing both physical and mental speed will allow the player to execute player quicker and be much more effective.

​​It is also important to note that coaches will be looking for other qualities as well such as the ability to listen. Is a player "Coachable"? Oftentimes a lesser athlete may be selected over a better athlete simply due to their ability to listen, follow directions, and be coachable. 

Q. What should I expect at tryouts?
A. Tryouts are managed by the Dulwich EarthQuakes coaching staff and will include a number of drills to help the coaches evaluate each player's skill level. Drills will include a number of individual skill assessments as well as small sided games (1v1, 2v2, 4v4, etc.) to evaluate team play. While one of the main goals is to ensure all the players have fun playing this beautiful sport, it is important that they remain focused. Not paying attention, goofing off with their buddies or other such activities are a sign to the coach that a player may not be serious about learning and developing as a player.

Q. How will I know if my child makes an EarthQuakes team?
A. The Director of Coaching or a Club Administrator will contact you regarding an offer for your child to join a specific age group squad. Typically offers will not begin to be made until after the second tryout session with final offers being made after the last session. All participants will be updated on their status no later than 48 hours after the conclusion of the final tryout session.

​Offers will be made for a specific age group squad and not for a D1 competitive team or developmental team. Positions on D1 teams are not guaranteed as those are earned by the player and may change throughout the course of a season based on many factors including attitude, effort, skill progression, needs of the team, etc. If you have questions about where your child falls in the depth chart please feel free to discuss that with the Director of Coaching.​